What measures success and wealth?

The Kabbalah teaches that every person in the world deserves to achieve success, wealth, wisdom and valor in their life time.
But is any way to achieve this kosher?
Will we gain publicity, prestige and greatness if we trample other people along the way?
Will we be able to amass wealth through oppression and theft?
And how long will these achievements last?
How can these wonderful achievements be obtained in a sacred and pure way?

- Wealth - is not only measured in material prosperity, but also in the degree to which man has managed to fill his vessels with light.

- The wisdom that a person achieves is measured by the spiritual path he went through, the lessons he learned, and his conscious development.

- The attribute of valor (courage, determination, perseverance) in a person represents how much he has managed to overcome his negative traits, fears and limitations, and does not allow them to control him.

- The wise and successful man is the one who subdues the evil instinct, does not let it control him, does not succumb to the whims of the ego and the search for momentary satisfaction.

- The respect, fame and glory that a person acquires in his life, the recognition he receives, should not come from pride and a desire for control, or to fill a large void of insecurity, but should be based on his ability to transform his egoistic desires into inspiring goodness in the world, and connecting to high spiritual frequencies .

When the light of the Creator fills us, we fulfill ourselves and gain recognition from our surroundings.

He who becomes rich and successful in ways of honesty, and is aware of the action of the Creator in his life, is blessed and no one can take his achievements from him.

- Whoever obtained his capital through robbery, extortion or fraud, his channels of abundance may be blocked.
Whoever tramples others in his way to richness, serves the systems of impurity in the world.

Seal 8 sample Eng Sm
Seal No. 35 of King Solomon Seals - The third pentacle of the Sun, is intended to help anyone who wants to succeed in a new job, accumulate wealth, gain respect and appreciation.

On a practical level, the seal empowers you with control and respect, helping to attract publicity, wealth and prestige, success and the fulfillment of desires.
On the spiritual level, the seal helps to fulfill these desires in a sanctified and pure way:
It raises your spiritual frequency so that you will be worthy of filling your vessels with the lights of abundance.

The verse that appears on the seal is:
Seven times will pass by for you until you acknowledge that the Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone he wishes.” (Daniel 4-32)

Inside the seal appears the explicit name YHWH arranged around square frames, one inside the other.

What to do with the seal?
It's not enough to copy and cut out the seal image and keep at home -
King Solomon's seals must be activated in the right way so that they affect our energy field.
In order to assimilate the energy of the seal within us, we need to resonate at a high spiritual frequency.
For this purpose, there is a proven method by which it is possible to activate the seal and ground its frequency in our consciousness.

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