Which Hebrew letter is responsible for propaganda, advertising and communication,
and how it relates to our collective drama?

Let's talk about one of the Hebrew letters that has a strong influence on what is happening around us:
The dynamic and thunderous letter Resh (ר).

א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת

Resh represents dynamics, movement and progress, creation and renewal, practical application of ideas, willpower, leadership, reaching the first place, propaganda and publicity.
The letter Resh strengthens the power of speech and analytical thinking.

According to the Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzirah), every Hebrew letter can be expressed in the world (and in our lives) in two aspects:
Positive - when its illumination flows in harmony and balance,
And negative - when its illumination flow is blocked and disturbed.

In the material dimension where we live, every Hebrew letter has permutations - contrasts - through which its power in the world is expressed.
According to various interpretations of the Book of Formation, the permutations associated with the letter Resh are:
Peace versus War,
Seed versus wilderness,
Grace versus evil,
Leadership versus spiritual poverty.

Because the letter Resh is associated with planet Mercury, the star of communication.
It is also responsible (among other things) for the areas of propaganda, advertising, communication, speech, ounseling, information, and distribution of knowledge.

And this is the time to talk about the power of propaganda good or evil:
Because we are in a midst of an Armageddon on our consciousness, the leader (who can nowadays be a politician, a leading journalist, a media channel, a public opinion influencer, or a well-known blogger), has a huge influence on society.
If he chooses to publicize information that strengthens, empowers and encourages his listeners, he will contribute to a sense of peace, security, and hope, and will elevate himself and his flock to the heights.
If the leader chooses to use his powerful voice for negative purposes, and act out an urge to gain publicity and control (rating) for his selfish purposes - he may cause mass panic, anxiety and hysteria in the public, blow up Pandora's boxes, embarrass people, incite and divide.

The leader has the choice - whether to sow and flower the wilderness, or to destroy and weaken his listeners by the power of his words.
As we already said - "seed versus wilderness".

what do you think?
How do propaganda trumpets affect your emotional and mental state today?
Do you feel strengthened, or dragged into anxiety, bitterness, and a sense of chaos?

And here is a message for this week:
One of the sets of cards I have created, the "Revealed by the Letters" cards, provides answers to your questions on all aspects of life, according to the secrets of the Hebrew letters.
Each Hebrew letter is represented in the set in two aspects, the negative and the positive.

The card that came out in the reading this week is card no. 40, which is related to the letter Resh (ר).
card 40 on set Eng Sm
The card talks about propaganda, advertising and widespread information, noise and riots that arise because of the publication of sensitive information in the public.
The card advises to beware of irresponsible speech or exposing information in public on sensitive topics, as this may open up many Pandora's boxes.
Do not act out of egoism and the pursuit of popularity or control at the expense of others.

When I read the interpretation of this card, I realized that in the near future a lot of information that is currently hidden from the public is going to be revealed, people will sober up and the commotion will be great. The screen of illusion will be removed.
We can already see the beginning of the process...

For more information on the " Revealed by the Letters " cards:

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