Is our destiny, health and way of life affected only by the name given to us at birth?

The answer is yes - but not completely ...
The first name of each person's consists of Hebrew letters that represent his energetic structure and innate qualities, and therefore, have a crucial meaning to his life.
Each letter in the name, according to its location, symbolizes the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical potential inherent in the person.

The name given to us at birth charges us with all the tools that make us the way we are:
our character, health, our quality of life and more.
The first name indicates the spiritual form inherent in us, the spiritual abundance we bring with us to the world, the character and essence, and even our mission in this world.
If we break down the letters of the first name into their elements, we get a long and continuous DNA sequence that hints at the root of our soul.

But the first name only is not everything ...

All the letters, without exception, flow through our body-mind and spirit.

Every organ in the body, every thought and impulse, every mood, our ability to analyze situations and make decisions, are directly affected by the illumination of the letters flowing within us, whether they are balanced or distorted.

Because we live in a world of duality, every letter can be expressed in our lives in a positive and constructive way, and if its flow is disrupted, all its opposing, negative qualities will be reflected in our lives.

How we implement the powers of the letters in our lives, is subject to our ability to choose between growth or destruction.

Tzadi Balanced imbalanced Sm
Here is a typical example given to us by the Hebrew letter Tzadi (צ):
At the deeper level - Tzadi represents perfection and perfect control.
Its positive aspect implies righteousness and modesty, restraint, inner honesty, charity, justice and reason.
The virtue of helping others and working for humanitarian purposes.

The negative aspect of the letter Tzadi expresses the trouble and sorrow, and the hypocritical person impersonating the righteous.
It indicates the ability to unjustifiably control and harass others, or the deceptive and hypocrite who misleads others.

There is a lot we can learn about our dual world through the positive and negative manifestations of the Hebrew letters.
We can balance the flow of enlightenment of the letters in our first name as well as in our lives, by implementing special meditation techniques.

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