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Digital items to download
tavla 72namesWithNumbers Sm The sacred 72 Names of God and their meanings for meditation and transformation:

This document contains the full list of the "72 Names of God" with their meanings for the purpose of meditation and visualization. The sacred "72 names of God" are wonderful tools that have huge potential to bring about long-lasting changes in your life. Meditating and visualizing the "72 Names of God" can improve every area of your life in the most practical way. This updated list of the auspicious qualities of the "72 names" taken from various sources, edited and clarified, so you will better understand the meaning of each letter combination. At the end of the document, you will find suggestions for various methods to work with names.
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Sample pages Eng Sm Success Oracle Cards - print your own oracle card deck.
This colorful set contains 60 message cards that will provide guidance and prediction to your questions from all walks of life.
Download the PDF file and prepare according to the instructions.

44 mini card deck for guidance and divination.
The "Success Oracle cards" are used for guidance and prediction.
This original set of 44 mini cards contains artwork and messages concerning your personal, career, social or financial issues. It is most recommended for business issues and will give you accurate and reliable advice regarding strategic moves right when you need it.
You will get downloadable 3 pages of High Resolution Digital Collage Sheets at 300 dpi on A4 - 8.5"x11" size JPG Files that enables you to print as many copies as you want.
Each mini card is 4.5x6.2 (1.77”x2.45”) size.
You can re-size the printable sheets to enlarge the size of the cards.

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makeyourownsetbanner Make your own set of guidance cards and get practical advice according to the wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet.

Let the Hebrew letters be your wise teacher, your guiding angels, any time you have doubts, feel confused, and need to know what to do regarding a specific subject.
This simple-to-make guidance system will provide you accurate reliable advice for every pressing situation and life question. The PDF document you’ll receive includes background information, preparation instructions, pages for printing and cutting with 66 wise messages. In a few minutes of simple preparation, you will have your own set of guidance cards available for you at all times. You can also draw a notelet each morning for advice and direction for the day ahead. The guidance system can be available to you after a few minutes of easy preparation.
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Notelet525 Hidden Truths – The wise and simple home-made oracle set - 79 oracle cards for daily insights and empowerment.

Find a jar and fill it with great treasure. This set of 79 wise messages will always bring you back on the right track. It will help you change your attitude about certain issues, so you can face any challenge with a wider perspective. You will receive 5 letter size (8.5x11”) high-res. PDF pages that contain 79 small cards, 5.5x6 cm each (2”x2.5”). Download into your computer and print the pages with your regular home printer. Cut the notelets along the thin lines. Fold each notelet 3 or 4 times, and place them in a simple jar that you find at home. Keep this home-made oracle on your desk, in the kitchen or next to your bed, so you can reach for it any time, in the morning or throughout the day.
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poster 44seals Sample The 44 King Solomon seals and their interpretations.
The 44 King Solomon seals and their interpretations.
King Solomon seals are used in amulets and talismans in Kabbalah. Each seal has a particular purpose and influences a certain aspect of your life.
This poster works as a "mega amulet" and the seals' magical energies will radiate all around and create miracles in your life.
Instant download the 12"x16" , 300dpi poster as a PDF file, and print for yourself.
You can also isolate each seal from the poister, print it, dedicate it to yourself, and make your own amulet.

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Letters Chart The 22 universal entities that will support your journey on earth - the empowering attributes of the Hebrew Alphabet:

the empowering attributes of the Hebrew Alphabet Each Hebrew letter has its own empowering, healing and constructive characteristics. To reveal what type of empowerment you need now, simply select a “random" letter from the tablet. The chosen letter will advise you what features or mental resources you need to recruit at this moment to overcome a challenge you are facing, or solve a particular problem. You will receive a PDF document with a chart of the Hebrew letters and a list of 22 notes of empowerment.
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Tavla 72namesColoringSm Kabbalah decorative coloring chart with the sacred 72 Names of God.
Connect with the the cosmic abundance.
Recommended for Kabbalah students and spiritual seekers:
The chart contain the sacred “72 Names of God” which constitute a direct connection between the spiritual and physical realms. Each one of the three letters names transfers a specific energetic frequency that can heal and transform a particular area of life, the emotions, psyche, and physical reality.
When you are occupied with the coloring work, your mind drifts into a meditative state. This way you connect to the immense powers of the names and inscribe them in your consciousness.
You will receive a chart of 12”x17” high-res printable Jpeg file. Instant download, print and color.
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Ana Becoach Color Sm Coloring Chart with the ancient Kabbalistic prayer "Ana B’koach" for spiritual transcendence and meditation.
Recommended for Kabbalah students and for anyone interested in empowerment and spiritual development.
"Ana B’koach" - a powerful tool for communication with higher realms:
This ancient Jewish prayer was composed by Rabbi Nhonia Ben Hakana, one of the teachers who lived through the era of the Second Jerusalem Temple in 80-110 AD.
The powerful "Ana B’koach" prayer consists of seven sentences of six words each, and is encoded with the 42 names of God - the 42 names that represent the 42 journeys made by the Hebrews during their exodus in the desert.
Ana B’Koach is powerful tool intended to connect us back to the higher realms, the source of truth and integrity, where death does not exist, and wisdom and abundance are eternal.
By coloring Ana B’Koach you will feel your spirit soaring. It will connect you to the power of the sacred letters and to a blissful feeling.
You will receive a printable coloring chart for A-3 paper size, but you can reduce it to fit on A-4 page.

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HebrewLettersOracle Sm Guidance from the Hebrew Alphabet - Accurate, reliable advice for your life questions according to the Kabbalah.

Accurate, reliable advice for your life questions according to the Kabbalah. You can use this guidance system the same way you ask for advice from a wise teacher, any time you have doubts, feel confused, and need to know what to do regarding a specific subject. The guidance system consists of a table containing all the 22 Hebrew letters, and a list of answers. The guidance system is a 13 page PDF document.
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Ad Single Card EngSm
5 boards Eng SmThe Love Cards: Make your set of oracle cards and get reliable answers and practical advice about your love and relationships issues. 
a set of 62 cards to download.
Price: $4.50
Poster Framed SmPoster 72names Eng detail Sm
The 72 Names of God and their Divine qualities 28"x36" Kabbalah poster for instant download - for healers, meditators & Kabbalah students. 
Price: $4.50
 Ana Bekoach Blue Sm
Ana Bekoach Blue detail SmMandala Amulet with the prayer
"Ana Bekoach" -
Download and print your own

one of the most powerful prayers in Kabbalah, for transcendence and empowerment. .
Elegant Print on lithograph paper or canvas to decorate your home,
to attract the spiritual forces toward the physical reality, and empower life force ,
abundance, wisdom and wholeness into your life.
"Ana Bekoach" is a powerful vessel for communicating with the Divine light:
The prayer consists of 7 verses with 6 words each, encoding the 42 names of God.
Price: $4.50
Mandala Baby New Download Sm Mandala baby download detail SmBlessing Mandala for the baby - nursery decorative art -colorful gift for baby or toddler with guardian angels - Download & print your own.
An innovative decorative gift for a newborn or baby/toddler birthday:
The mandala is loaded with colorful toys, surrounded by flowers.
This artistic blessing mandala contains the Priestly blessing and names of guardian angels to provide protection, good health, happiness, and growth for the baby or toddler.
Print on paper or canvas by your choice.
The file size is large enough to print a 60x60 cm print at good resolution.

Price: $4.50
 Mandala Happiness download Sm
mandala Happiness download detail Sm
Mandala amulet for Happiness, for harmony, joy, love, health, prosperity and protection. Instant download - print your own.
This heavenly mandala is interwoven with empowering words. Every word written in it, can bring blessing and joy, and all the words together will expand the heart and the ascend the spirit. 
Print on paper or canvas by your choice.
The file size is large enough to print a 60x60 cm print at good resolution.
Price: $4.50
 Mandala prosperity Download Sm
Mandala prosperity Download Detail 1 SmKabbalah Mandala amulet for prosperity, richness, livelihood, abundance and material success.
Download and print your own
This powerful artistic amulet has everything you need to attain prosperity, richness and material success.
It contains blessings from the Psalms, King Solomon seals and sacred letter combinations taken from the “72 Names of God”.

Price: $4.50
Poster Hebrew Letters Eng SmPoster Hebrew Letters Eng detail 1 SmSefer Yetzirah – the Book of Creationlarge poster containing vital information about the Hebrew Alphabet.
Download and print your own
The detailed ornamented print was designed by the knowledge of the ancient “Book of Creation” and conveys original texts with important attributes related to each Hebrew letter.
An important learning aid for Kabbalah students, spiritual seekers and anyone who is curious about the elements that created the world.
Price: $4.50

 MandalaForWoman Sm
MandalaForWoman 4 4 SmMandala Amulet for Woman - download and print your own
A charming gift for your best friend (mother, sister, daughter, and close soul):
The artful amulet has everything that a woman can wish for: it contains blessings, King Solomon seals, sacred letter combinations taken from the “72 Names of God”, and the powerful “Merkaba” symbol at the center. For good fortune, love, relationships, health and success.
The artistic Mandala Amulet for Women: download the PDF file and send to your favorite printer.
Available for printing on paper or canvas.
Reccomended printing sizes: 30x30 cm (12x12”), 40x40 cm (16x16”), 50x50 cm (20x20”)
Price: $4.50
 Menora SmDecorated print of the seven-branched Menorah with Psalm 67 for protection, abundance and success.
According to Kabbalists, reading the verse daily in this structure helps to purify the evil eye, good for protection, help in times of trouble, improves livelihood, helps in healing, fertility, finding a decent mate, and more.
Price: $4.50