Heaven and Earth
King Solomon cards

44 Kabbalah cards based on the ancient King Solomon seals for personal guidance, insights
and prediction.

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The special edition includes:
an elegant box, (19.5x13.5x3 cm)

44 large cards, 12.5x8 cm
5 pocket-size amulets, 9x5.5 cm
And an interpretation booklet

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Heaven and Earth cards are a reliable tool for personal guidance, insights, and prediction.
Each one of the 44 cards in the set represents one of King Solomon’s seals that conveys a unique energetic frequency.
The elegant extra-large cards are designed in luxurious style decorated with silver stamping.
The cards will help you understand your current situation, and get immediate answers to your questions in every area of your life: livelihood, health, career, success, personal deliberations, decision making, spiritual growth, relationships and more.
They will support your spiritual development process, provide you with advice, insights and empowerment.

FiveCardsSampleIn addition to the clear and detailed messages they convey, the cards will teach you important spiritual lessons, which, if you choose to apply them in your life, will help you expand your consciousness and fulfill yourself in the best way.

In many cases, it will be enough to read the spiritual lesson that appears at the beginning of the interpretation of a particular card to understand where you stand.

Each card carries a serial number that will lead you to the relevant answer in the interpretation booklet.
There is no need for complicated spreads: the cards are suitable for everyone.
No previous experience in card reading is required.

A bonus included with the cards:

Five pocket-size amulets with King Solomon seals for success and good fortune in every aspect of life.
On the back of each amulet you will find the purpose of the amulet and a blank box where you can add your name and mother’s name to dedicate the card to yourself.
pocket amulet front back Sm

Carry the amulets in your pocket or wallet.

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The Heaven and Earth King Solomon cards were inspired by the wisdom of King Solomon seals, after many years of study and exploration.
The interest in the seals is not limited to metaphysical practitioners alone, but arrive from a wide scope of people who are curious about sacred symbols and their influence on man.

This set of cards excels in the deep and detailed answers in the interpretation booklet.
Everyone will be able to find the relevant answers to their burning questions if they focus well on the question being asked while shuffling the cards.

The cards were tested on many people for about two years before they were published and proved to be exceptionally accurate and reliable.

About King Solomon seals:
The King Solomon seals are ancient mystical symbols capable of transferring abundance and knowledge from the spiritual realms to our physical world.
The King Solomon seals are composed of mystical drawings and scripts from the Bible.
They represent a kind of “spiritual engineering” developed by the wisest man to help us fulfill ourselves in the world, in all levels of our existence.
The seals have been widely used by mystics in various cultures over the generations, to shift reality and bring about positive changes in all areas of life.
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