The Kabbalistic art prints give you the advantage of enjoying the powerful influences of mystical symbols and bringing beauty, color and blessings into your surroundings.

Kabbalistic symbols are integrated into decorative art to create powerful wall amulets that improve the most important aspects of your life: relationships and mating, finding love, fertility, health, livelihood, prosperity, success, self-esteem, avoiding your shadow aspects, happiness, charity, faith, protection from the evil eye and creation of miracles and abundance.

Hang them on the wall at home or office and you will immediately feel their positive inspiration on your energies.
FramedMandalaForHomeThese precious pieces of art are utilized as “mega amulets”. Each one has its own purpose and energetic attributes that will create changes in the environment where they are displayed.
MandalaforHome InRoom Sm

Sizes and formats:
The kabbalistic Art prints are available as limited edition signed and numbered quality prints in two formats:
Giclee prints on canvas:
limited edition giclee prints on canvas, stretched over wooden frame, treated for color stabilization, ready to hang.
50x70 cm - $145
30x30 cm - $59.00
40x40 cm - $88.00
50x50 cm - $115.00

Quality prints on lithograph paper :

50x70 cm - $67.50 
30x30 cm - $19.50
40x40 cm - $29.90
50x50 cm - $46.90

Larger sizes are available - Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details
Kabbalistic Art Prints
MandalaForBabyMandala Amulet for the Baby
An outstanding decorative gift for a newborn or baby's birthday:
This artistic wall amulet contains special blessings from traditional scripts, names of angels and letter combinations taken from the sacred "72 Names of God"
to provide protection, good health, happiness, and growth for the baby or toddler.
Available as limited edition giclee prints on canvas or prints onquality lithograph paper.
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or by express mail (4-6 days delivery)
For prints on canvas 50x50 cm or larger - shipping by express mail only.
Mandalaforlove Mandala Amulet for Love and relationships
A magical decorative amulet for good marriage and loving relationships. It will help singles attract the right spouse.

This artistic amulet contains verses from the Biblical "Song of Songs" and special letter combination from the sacred "72 Names of God" to enhence love and mutual acceptance.
A great gift for weddings, anniversaries,

your spouse or your single friend.
Available as limited edition giclee prints on canvas or prints onquality lithograph paper.

MandalaForHome SmKabbalistic Mandala amulet for the home
This powerful artistic amulet has everything you need to keep your home and family safe, healthy, happy and prosperous.
The amulet with its blessings and sacred symbols will help to attain Harmony, reconciliation, health, love, joy, pleasure and happiness, protection of family members and property, prosperity, wealth and abundance.
It contains verses from Psalm 61 and 91, the priestly blessing, King Solomon's Seals and letter combinations of the "72 names of God."

Available as limited edition print on lithograph paper or giclee print on canvas.
MandalaForWoman Mandala Amulet for the Woman 
An innovative decorative gift for your wife, sister, mother, daughter or best friend.
This artistic amulet contains blessings from traditional scripts, King Solomon Seals,
and letter combination from the sacred "72 Names of God", to enhance health, success, love,
fertility, self confidence, wisdom, peacefulness, protection and beauty for your loved woman.
Available as limited edition giclee prints on canvas or prints on quality lithograph paper.
Mandala prosperity SmKabbalistic Mandala amulet for prosperity, richness, livelihood, abundance and material success.
This powerful artistic amulet has everything you need to attain prosperity, richness and material success. It contains blessings from the Psalms, King Solomon seals and sacred letter combinations taken from the “72 Names of God”.
When hung on the wall at your home or office, it will shift the energies around you and magnetize richness and abundance to you.
Limited edition, signed and numbered quality print on canvas or arches paper, 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm or 50x50 cm (12"x12", 16"x16", 20”-"x20"). 

Ana Bekoach SmMandela Amulet with the prayer "Ana Bekoach" - one of the most powerful prayers in Kabbalah, for transcendence and empowerment. .
Elegant Print on lithograph paper or canvas to decorate your home, to attract the spiritual forces toward the physical reality, and empower life force , abundance, wisdom and wholeness into your life.
"Ana Bekoach" is a powerful vessel for communicating with the Divine light:
The prayer consists of 7 verses with 6 words each, encoding the 42 names of God.
Limited edition, signed and numbered quality print on canvas or orarches paper, 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm
or 50x50 cm (12"x12", 16"x16", 20”-"x20"). 


poster 44seals Sample The 44 Seals of Solomon -
Artistic decorative art print with 44 King Solomon seals and their interpretations.
King Solomon seals are used in amulets and talismans in Kabbalah. Each seal has a particular purpose and influences a certain aspect of your life.
This poster works as a "mega amulet" and the seals' magical energies will radiate all around and create miracles in your life.
The prints are produced as limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist.
Sizes available:
15"x20" (38x50.5 cm) - $39.50
18"x24" (45.5x60.7 cm) - $48.50

If the size you request is not in stock, please allow 7-10 days for preparation.

"Fountain of Life" - contains the "72 Names of God".
size 50x70cm (20"x28") on quality lithograph paper:$39.5
print on canvas $145


"The Wheel of Wisdom" - contains the "72 Names of God"
size 50x70cm (20"x28") on quality
lithograph paper: $67.5
print on canvas: $145

Mandala prosperity SmShirat Hayam (Song of the Sea)
The antique etching that appears on the print Shows Moses as he parts the Red Sea and Pharaoh's troops are drowning in the sea after the Hebrews crossed it safely. 
The image is surrounded by sacred letter combinations from "The 72 names of God" that are encoded in the text of Exodus chapter 14.
Underneath appear the biblical text of Shirat Hayam (Song of the Sea).
The “Song of the Sea” ​​praises and and give thanks to God. Reading this text is a great virtue for love, mating, abundance and good livelihood with the assistance of the Divine.
50x35 cm (20x 14") lithograph print

Poster 72names Eng Samp SmPoster 72names Eng detail SmSpecial for therapists, counselors, Kabbalah students and spiritual travelers :
an important aid designed for meditation and healing work with the sacred "72 Names of God":
Quality artistic print with the "72 Names of God" and their Divine qualities:
Hang it in your healing room, meditation area or your private sacred space.Large size art prints - 70/90 cm (28"x36"), had a strong visual presence and powerful energy. It presents the healing and transformation of the sacred letter combinations right in front of your eyes and connect you to the transformational powers of the sacred names. This print shall fill you with joy and blessed energies.
Special Price for our customers :
Only $62 (regular price: $74.50)