The Kabbalistic orgonite
The Kabbalistic pyramid for concentration of life energy, healing, regeneration, release of negative frequencies, toxins and blockages
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 The orgonite concentrates life energy in a particularly powerful way, releases negative frequencies, toxins and blockages, and brings about healing and regeneration.

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What information do we need in order to prepare a custom Kabbalistic orgonite for you?
We need the names of the owner of the orgonite and the names of his household members or close people related to him.
You must specify the problems you want to focus on, so that we can provide the relevant solutions.
From health problems to releasing blockages or summoning a new reality in other areas of life.

How long does it take until I receive the Orgonite I ordered?
Basically, the duration of the preparation is between 3-7 days (depending on the essence embedded in it).
Shipping time is added.
the Kabbalistic Orgonite
A powerful Kabbalistic tool for healing, releasing blockages and spiritual empowerment
kabbalistic orgonite
The Kabbalistic Orgonite
The Kabbalistic Orgonite is a most powerful pyramid-shape tool based on tremendous secrets of the Kabbalah that is capable to induce complete healing of any illness, the release of blockages in livelihood, abundance, relationships, raising children, self-fulfillment, for the development of extremely high spiritual attainment and more.
The unique orgonite in front of you was developed by the Nofach Center for the Study and Research of Kabbalah in Israel.
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Why Orgonite?
Negative events and emotions drain us of the vital energy of life!
This is scientifically and Kabbalistically proven!
When the body is devoid of vital energy, it goes out of balance and is plagued by illnesses, failures in all areas of life, damages and calamities that become the property of man, God forbids...
The greater the energy loss, the more severe the imbalance and illness, including terminal illnesses.
It is said in Parshat Va’yeshev: "When the pit is empty, and there is no water in it, it will be filled by snakes and scorpions."
When the body is depleted of energy, the empty space that is formed does not remain empty for long - and harmful negative energies reside in it.

What does the Kabbalistic orgonite consist of?
The Kabbalistic Orgonite has a pyramidal structure that combines organic and metallic materials, the 11 incense characteristics, scripts from the Torah of Israel which contain the use of sacred names and Yihudim (combinations of explicit names) relating to the four planes of existence: inanimate, vegetation, animal and human.
All these ingredients produce an energy field rich and concentrated in vital Oregon energy linked to the lights of Grace.

Each orgon pyramid basically consists of three elements:

Resin - organic material - a compound of carbon and hydrogen,
Metal particles - inorganic material - a compound that does not contain carbon and hydrogen atoms bonded to each other.
Quartz crystal - a crystal with a physio-electric property that is activated under pressure as a transmitter of electrical pulses.

The pyramid is made with a measured and unique combination of crystals, resins and plants, characteristics of incense used in the Jerusalem temple, scriptures, and holy names in a unique inscription that is carried out while making intentions.

Is the orgonite suitable for all types of diseases?
So far, Nofach Center had experimented with organite in situations of severe asthma attacks and breathing disorders, heart problems (heart palpitations), increased and low blood pressure, blockages in veins and arteries, nerve problems, muscle and bone problems, anxiety problems, digestive system including severe heartburn, ulcers, kidneys, severe migraines, cancer and more.
The reactions were immediate, and relief was felt within a few minutes.
To achieve full healing, you must use Orgonite according to the instructions for use and as needed.

Is the orgonite helpful in improving difficulties in other subjects?
Certainly. The source of problem for most people stem from an intentional or innocent loss of vital life energy.
Such a loss occurs when a person is in negative mental/emotional: fear, anger, worries, sadness, etc., and then - a severe weakness arises in the subject in question, which brings the person to situations of severe obstructions and blockages.
The Kabbalistic orgonite combines holy names and scriptures from the Torah of Israel that are able to get to the root of the blockage and release it.
In engineering the orgonite, we put a lot of emphasis on the following topics: livelihood, relationships, children's education, self-fulfillment, spiritual development and more.

How to use the orgonite:
* It is important to note that the orgonite is not a substitute for conventional treatment or expert opinion in all matters of physical or mental illness.
The use of the orgonite does not require special knowledge, and by just placing the orgonite in a certain place it performs the required action.
Treatment B
1 - In cases of physical illness, the orgonite should be placed on the diseased organ or area for a few minutes (according to the feeling) in order to pour in the vital energy for the purpose of healing and balancing.
It is recommended to repeat the operation several times during the day until a feeling of complete healing is achieved.
The patient should feel relief and healing that takes place in the diseased area within a few minutes even if he does not have any spiritual attainment.

2 - In cases where it is necessary to treat issues that are not related to physical ailments, and it is necessary to treat an emotional issue or a blockage that exists in the other areas of life which the orgonite treats, the orgonite should be placed on the patient in the abdomen or chest area while focusing with the patient on the issue in question. It is recommended to bring the patient to corrective visualization of the blocked condition.
Another option is to hold the orgonite in both hands while focusing on the problem you wish to heal and expressing the intention to release the blockages (in matters of relationship, health, raising children, livelihood, etc.).

3 - Another application is for increasing and opening the third eye:
Point the tip of the orgonite towards the third eye in the center of the forehead and hold it there for several minutes.
The orgonite is extremely helpful in increasing the intuitive senses.

Warm recommendation!
Every house should have a Kabbalistic orgonite!
Zero side effects, immediate and powerful results and lots of vital life energy!!
Immediate healing is felt, release and improvement of vitality on all levels.

The orgonite concentrates the sacred vital energy into the house, cleanses from perils and sanctifies the frequency in which the members of the house live.
The orgonite should be placed in a central area of the house where you and your family members spend most of the time.

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Remember that the cards reflect knowledge that floats in your subconscious, issues you are not aware of, and their appearance in a reading may sometimes seem odd and unrelated to the question you asked.

Think carefully about the message that came up - it is very possible that it relates to issues that are happening beneath the surface.

How should the orgonite be charged?
The orgonite draws the natural energy of Creation in a concentrated way and focuses most of the energy on the apex of the orgonite and the upper two thirds inside the orgonite.

1 – To purify and recharge, rinse with running water (from the tap) for a few seconds.
2- Inserting the orgonite base into an open vessel containing water while leaving the tip outside the vessel.
The tip of the orgonite must be pointed towards the sun so that it will shine on it for several hours.
It can also be done at night when there is moonlight.
*Stronger power is obtained by charging from the sun.
3 - Those who know how to work with energetic frequencies such as: reiki healing, theta healing, or the lights of grace, can charge the orgonite by themselves.

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Wilhelm Reich's studies combined with ancient Kabbalistic knowledge:

The Orgonite is a sort of scaled-down version of the accumulator developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.
The accumulator is a closed cell whose walls are made of organic alternating with metallic material and it attracts and concentrates the orgone energy into the cell.
A person who stays inside the cell will receive copious doses of orgone energy, and in most cases, will experience a variety of positive effects such as calmness, vitality and a good general feeling of regeneration and healing.

Studies carried out in the 1970’s by German scientists confirmed the effect of the orgone cells as described by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.
Reich gave the name “Orgon” to what he described as a cosmic energy that regulates all biological processes, and the lack of which, is the cause of a decrease in the body's level of vitality and function.

This energy is mentioned in ancient cultures by the names: prana - chi - mana, and in quantum physics: as the unified field, the ether, and zero point energy.

In the language of Kabbalah, the vital energy is referred to as the lights of Grace, the frequencies of the desire to influence and the desire to receive, and more.

The conclusions reached by Reich from his research are:
A - The orgone energy can be channeled for treatment and healing. Orgone energy can be observed, directed and concentrated, with the help of special devices built by Reich such as: an energy meter, a fluro-spectrometer, and the accumulator (the orgonite model) which allows concentration of orgone.

B - The orgone energy has two states:
in the first state: healthy and flowing vital energy, and in the second state: "dead" - stuck – sick energy.

C - A person's physical and mental health depends on the existence and manner of flow of this energy. An assumption on which all Eastern medicine has been based for thousands of years.

The combination of the knowledge from Dr. Wilhelm Reich's research and many years of research into the depths of the secrets of Kabbalah wisdom, allowed us to build this all-powerful tool, the Kabbalistic orgonite, which allows you to immediately concentrate the vital energy back into the body and bring about healing on all levels!

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