Pocket-Size Kabbalistic Amulets
The amulets contain Hebrew letter combinations from the sacred "72 names of God" and King Solomon seals. These mystical Kabbalistic amulets attract the energies you need to transform and enhance any area of your life that needs improvement.
Gift sets Eng Sm
The artistic amulets are available in 4 different series:

- 7 amulets for love and spirituality
- 7 amulets for career and livelihood
- 7 amulets for healing
- 9 amulets with King Solomon seals.
Each set of 7 or 9 amulets is available for $13.

The Seven Blessings for love and spirituality 
The Seven Blessings for career and livelihoodAddtoCart
The Seven Blessings for healing
The new set of 9 amulets with King Solomon seals.

Buy all 4 sets for $41.50 and save $10.5

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The Fourteen Blessings –
A Special gift set

containing 14 Pocket-size Kabbalah amulets with King Solomon seals:
Gift Set Eng 180123SmSpecial price for our buyers: only $16.50
(Regular price: $19.50)
This elegant gift set contains 14 powerful amulets that will enhance good fortune in all areas of your life:
GiftSet KingSolomon Sm
- to attract love and admiration
- for learning and wisdom
- to guard the house and property
- for authoritative and influential speech
- for success and abundance, honor and prestige
- for attraction and personal charm
- for health and healing
- to fulfill your wishes and desires
- to attain victory in competition, trials and arguments
- for courage, ambition and enthusiasm
- to open all doors and remove blockages
- to guard and strengthen the spirit during sleep
- for love, closeness and friendship
- to guard you in travel, trips and against the evil eye
The amulets are wrapped in a fancy organza bag ready for gift-giving.

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The Seven Blessings:
Pocket-size Kabbalistic amulets

that you can carry in your wallet

SevenBlessingsHorizCarry the good fortune with you wherever you go!
The enhancing amulets work as powerful good fortune generators. 
This is perfect gift to your loved ones, and most of all - to yourself!

A little gift for luck and success in the spirit of the Kabbalah: 
- If you hold an event or a party and would like to give away unforgettable souvenirs to your guests,
- If you want to keep a small inventory of gifts for all occasions,
- If the budget is tight and you are looking for a small, but meaningful gift,
- If you are invited to friends and do not want to arrive empty handed,
- If the situation requires a small consolation prize to a friend,

You found what you were looking for! 
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The 7 Blessings for love and spirituality:
Contain these letter combinations:
Ayin.Shin.Lamed – For peace, tranquility and love
Shin.Alef.He – For finding true love' an ideal match, marriage and unions
He.He.Ayin - Will induce unconditional love, awaken love in your relationships, bring joy, promote marriage and friendships, to sweeten bitterness, hatred and resentment.
Mem.Chet.Yod - Will help you find grace, gain self- esteem and neutralize negative attitudes. It induces a humorous approach, responsibility and extroversion.
Mem.Lamed.He - To inspire wisdom, giving and sharing knowledge, enlightening darkness, revelation of spiritual secrets, giving personal example and finding eternal joy
Vav.He.Vav – for joy, happiness, optimism and gratitude
Kaf.Lamed.Yod – for fertility, child-bearing, creativity and spiritual realization. 

The 7 Blessings for career and livelihood:

Amulets-MoneysuccessContain these letter combinations:
Samech.Alef.Lamed - For abundance and prosperity, fortune, wealth and benedictions. To remove financial blockages, promote good livelihood, and eliminate debt.
He.He.He - Improves self-esteem: promotes personal growth, self-appreciation and expression, dispels over-dependency and a victimized feeling. Helps you take responsibility and listen to your inner voice.
Yod.Resh.Tav - Will help you cultivate your channels for the flow of abundance, success in your career and charitable giving. It provides you the spiritual tools to choose right from wrong.
Alef.Lamed.Yod - Protects from the evil eye. Defends against unseen causes of damage and trouble such as jealousy. Fills the soul with faith.
He.Alef.Alef - For Balance and harmony in life: Reorganizes priorities, helps you make the right decisions, removes doubts and boosts your capabilities.
Yod.Lamed.He - Will help you alleviate a harsh fate, smooth arguments and help with legal issues. Overcome resentment, and increase unconditional love.
Mem.Bet.He - Helps you fulfill your plans, overcome fear and find the courage to execute what you have started. It promotes creativity, momentum and the willingness to take risks.

The 7 Blessings for healing:

Contain these letter combinations:
Yod.Lamed.Yod - Will take care of fatigue, recharge life energy, help rid of mood swings and helplessness, and induce clairvoyant ability.
Mem.He.Shin – For good health: Neutralizes all sorts of illness, brings healing for the body and soul, protects against pain, chronic fatigue and malfunction, induces cleansing and finding a cure.
He.Kof.Mem - Protects against depression, mental illness, powerlessness, dread and guilt. It induces optimism and new beginnings.
Kaf.He.Tav - Helps dismiss negative energies from your surroundings, relieves anger and resentment, sadness, depression, fear and worry. Balances energies and induces calmness.
Ayin.Mem.Mem - Induces enthusiasm, spirituality, devotion and inspiration. It reinforces nourishment from the root of the soul and helps dispel dullness.
He.Zayin.Yod - Will channel positive energies and remove bad luck. Connect you with divine providence, promote mental and spiritual wholeness and balance mood swings.
Mem.Nun.Dalet - Will help you get rid of fears, overcome bashfulness, turn darkness into light, and help you bypass obstacles.

9 Amulets with King Solomon Seals:

Amulets-KingSolomonContain these seals:
1- King Solomon seal for health and healing, helps relieve pain and physical trauma
2- King Solomon seal that will help you achieve courage, ambition and enthusiasm to fulfill your goals
3- King Solomon seal that will help fulfill all your desires and wishes
4- King Solomon Seal that will help you attract love and admiration, and find the right partner. Boosts harmony and fertility in marriage
5- King Solomon Seal that will make people attentive to your needs and fulfill all your wishes
6- King Solomon Seal that will open all the doors and locks and release you from any limiting situations
7- King Solomon Seal for wisdom, learning and acquiring knowledge in any subject. It will help you understand the thoughts of others
8- King Solomon Seal that will help you attract success and abundance, honor and prestige
9- King Solomon Seal that will guard you in trips, travel and business, help avoid danger and protect against the evil eye

Keep these credit card size amulets close to you, and their positive energetic attributes will affect every area of your life.

Each group of amulets is wrapped in a decorative cloth bag.
The back side of each amulet explains its specific purpose. You should write your name in the blank window in order to dedicate it to yourself or to another person.
6Amulets Love

The sacred 72 names of God open the passages to spiritual growth and self-improvement. Gazing at the letter combinations shall fill you with joy and vibrant energies and bring blessing to all the areas of your life.

The personalized Kabbalistic amulets 
are prepared especially for you, according to your name and mother's name.
These powerful amulets contain King Solomon seals, letter combinations from the sacred "72 Names of God" and the priestly Blessing.

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