Success oracle cards
set 1658 Eng Sm
This colorful set contains 60 message cards that will provide guidance and prediction to your questions from all walks of life.

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Success oracle cards
Set 4 Website
Success oracle cards are titled by this name because of their accuracy and relevance.
If you clearly understand the story they are telling you, and follow the direction they provide, you will be able to progress successfully to your goal.

Each answer consists of 3 messages that join together for a clear story.
Through the three messages you will receive, you will gain insights into the various aspects relating to the subject in question.
This way, you will get you all the information you need in full detail.

The figures portrayed on the cards are actually members of my group of souls, with whom I have undergone many incarnations.
Together, we engage in research and study that involves consciousness expansion and strive to support anyone who wishes to attain an overall view and insight into his or her life.
Since I cannot photograph the members of this group of souls in any known technique, I paint them and document their activity through my artwork.
Each of the entities on the cards is a spiritual guide who comes to tell you something important about yourself.
Each time you seek clarification about an essential topic in your life, you will be approached by three guides from the group, and together they will provide you with practical information, insights, advice and forecasting.
Sample card 36 Eng Md
How to work with the cards:
Unlike tarot, we are not dealing here with past-present-future answers, but with a story composed of three statements that will unfold before you.
The more focused your question, the more accurate and relevant your answer will be.

- Shuffle the cards with their backs facing you while focusing on your question.
- Draw three cards and arranged them in front of you from left to right in the order they were drawn.
- Turn the cards over and read the answers from the first to the third.
- If you still have not received a clear answer – focus on your question again, and draw a fourth card from the deck that will complete the picture.
- From my personal experience, there is no need to draw more than three cards to get a complete answer. Excessive information can be confusing.
Rarely, three cards that give you conflicting messages may appear in a reading. The reason for this is difficulty in focusing or ambiguity in phrasing the question.
In such cases, it is best to re-phrase the question and draw three cards again.

The cards can also provide focused answers to short and simple questions, and this is done by drawing one card from the deck.
You may be surprised by the accuracy and relevance of what you get.
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Your story in 3 messages

card Back Front

Remember that the cards reflect knowledge that floats in your subconscious, issues you are not aware of, and their appearance in a reading may sometimes seem odd and unrelated to the question you asked.

Think carefully about the message that came up - it is very possible that it relates to issues that are happening beneath the surface.

Pick a card and get a personal message from Success oracle cards:
Get a sample one-card reading at the blog.

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