The “Twenty-Two Gifts” cards are a precious tool for anyone who is seeking empowerment and guidance in challenging times.
In addition to empowering words, the cards will also provide you with essential knowledge about yourself, points for thought, questions you can ask yourself when you draw a certain letter from the set, and hints about your current situation.
Set Eng New SmThis charming set contains 22 cards wrapped in a fancy organza bag and a detailed interpretation booklet.
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Empowerment and guidance according to the secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet
Set Eng SmThis set of cards will provide you with valuable tools to empower and guide you as you cope with life's journey.

The 22 color coded cards are based on the secrets of the Hebrew alphabet. When you need a mental boost or a guiding hand that will lead you to the source of your inner strength in any particular moment, draw one card from the deck, read about the qualities of your chosen letter and focus on its shape and energy in your mind's eye. Keep your chosen letter in your awareness for several days and you will experience relief and feel that higher powers are guiding you giving you the necessary empowerment you need right now.

It is recommended to draw one card from the deck in the morning to get inspiration for the coming day.

The Hebrew letters resonate within us:

Same way that the world was created according to the vibrational energy of the Hebrew letters, so were we, humans, formed by the letters: every organ in our body, every character trait, emotion, thought, desire and action, are represented by a combination of certain letters, and based on their vibrational energy. Our private name, which consists of letters, indicates the spiritual form inherent in us and even our purpose in this world.
Our inner strength and potential for growth and prosperity, are composed of energetic vibrations.
During challenging times in our lives, in difficulty and confusion, we might forget that our strength is infinite, and we need a guiding hand that will lead us to our inner resources to solve our problems.
When we put the power of a particular Hebrew letter into our awareness, it echoes through our energy field, and its empowering attributes bring up the potential that already exists within us to cope and succeed.
Not just a cute little set of cards ...
The cards also serve as an accurate analytical tool:
By drawing a "random" card from the set, which depicts a certain Hebrew letter, you can learn a lot about your situation, the way you approach challenges, attitudes, your pattern of thought and action, and what may block you from fulfilling your aspirations.
The "positive" = the empowering qualities of each letter - can also point to the "negative" = its lacking side - our shortcomings, deficiencies and weaknesses.
When you get the powerful attributes of your chosen letter, take into account that this "filling" comes to complete a certain deficiency.

- Drawing a particular letter from the deck is never coincidental.

For Example:

The "hidden" knowledge of each letter appears in the second half of the interpretation booklet.
It explains the deficiencies and weaknesses that this letter fulfills in your current situation and provides you with points of thought.

Not just a cute little set of cards ...
The visible and hidden knowledge in the “22 Gifts” cards:
This video presentation will tell you about the immense value of these cards:
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The perfect gift for your loved ones, and especially – for yourself!
The elegant design of these precious cards and the valuable content brought in the interpretation booklet are uplifting and give you vital information and pure pleasure.
Give them to yourself and your loved ones and may everyone connect to their internal strength and full potential.
This is a magical gift for any occasion, for birthdays, for daughter, mother, best friend, to a person who embarks on a new path, or just as a thank you gift.

The cards are suitable for everyone:
there is no need to be knowledgeable or experienced in Kabbalah or card reading to enjoy their wealth and derive power and empowerment from them.

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What are the mighty forces that created the world?

According to the Kabbalistic Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzirah), the 22 Hebrew letters were crafted prior to the creation of the world, and were utilized by God in the work of creation.
“In two and thirty most occult and wonderful paths of wisdom did JAH the Lord of Hosts engrave his name: God of the armies of Israel, ever-living God, merciful and gracious, sublime, dwelling on high, who inhabiteth eternity. He created this universe by the three Sepharim, Number, Writing, and Speech.”
The thirty-two paths of wisdom are composed by the ten sefirot (spheres), and the 22 Hebrew letters that connect between them.
The Hebrew letters represent energetic vibrations that are reflected in the physical realm. They constitute cosmic DNA, the spirit behind all matter.