The Wheel of Wisdom
Box SmAn innovative tool with genuine approach in guidance and divination !
The Wheel of Wisdom is essential for decision making, guidance and prediction. 
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Learn more about the type of answers provided by the Wheel of Wisdom.
Get your free personal message from the Wheel .
Focus on your question, pick one number from the image below, and write it in front of you. 
The interpretations appear at the blog: HERE

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The Wheel of Wisdom
Instant answers to your most pressing questions

Two reliable self-consultation tools in one package.

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The Wheel of Wisdom will help you find instant answers to questions and concerns in all walks of life: livelihood, health, relationships and success. This essential decision making - guidance - divination tool is here for your daily use.
The elegant product is designed to give you two sets of answers: two wheels attached one over the other, each side has a small window through which you can see a number.The numbers will lead you to the corresponding answers which you will find in the booklet.

The front Side of the wheel is inspired by ancient karma scripts and gives you 96 answers with clear forecasts to how things are going to evolve.

The reverse side of the wheel contains 36 Angels’ Advice that will fortify you with an additional viewpoint on your question and provide additional guidance.
Consulting with the Wheel of Wisdom:

Remember to approach this divination tool with utmost respect:
Do not use the wheel to “test your luck” but only when you have a crucial pressing question which you must clarify. Sit in a quiet place and concentrate on the issue you want to ask about.
It is not recommended to ask more than two questions in any consultation session. Do not repeat the same question within 14 days or until the circumstances change.

Side A – The sun Mandala: 
handsWithFrontWheel Sm
Hold the wheel with two hands with the sun mandala facing you. Notice the small window through which you can see letter/number combinations. Say the verse: “Let the eternal wisdom guide me”, phrase your question clearly and turn the top wheel over the bottom wheel several times until you feel you have reached the right place.

Look at the letter/number combination showing through the window and find the answer in the booklet. If the answer received is vague or does not provide a direct answer, try to rephrase your question once more. Then, turn the wheel over to the other side, and consult with the angels.

Side B – Advice from Angels:

Provides additional advice and enhances the answers you receive from the reverse side of the wheel. You can ask more than two questions at a time.
WheelBack Hold the wheel with the decorative mandala facing you. Faces of angels with their corresponding numbers appear through the small wind ow.
Phrase your question clearly: It should be something that you need advi ce for. Turn the wheel several times over the underlying wheel until you feel you have reached the right place.
Look at the number appearing in the window and check the matching advice in the booklet. 

What and how to ask?

We seek advice when we arrive to a crossroads and must make a decision. Sometimes, we expect something to happen, and want to know if it will come true and be to our favor. We are yearning for something, and want to know if we shall eventually get it.
The type of questions you can ask the wheel should be phrased this way:
  • Will this or that happen?
  •  Is this issue good for me?
  •  How will things evolve, and what is expected to  happen about a certain issue?
  •  Will I get what I am asking for?
  •  What should I do in order to succeed?
  •  Is there something I be aware or careful of?
  •  Should I act upon a certain issue or be passive?

Sample answers from the booklet:
Answer #14:  Be confident that what you desire will be realized.You have to fully trust the person from which you ask this thing. This issue is in your favor, and will be materialized because you honestly earned it. Expect good news.

Answer #92: You expect an answer from someone about an important issue, but there is no response. Stop occupying yourself with defeating thoughts. Hit the road again; recruit your best efforts, and next time you will thrive. If your question is about health – a new and innovative medical procedure will cure a disease.

 Great Reviews:
..."I cannot recommend this tool highly enough. The answers are very accurate – and not like horoscope-style accuracy that is vague enough to be applied to almost any situation. It is accurate in a very specific manner, although sometimes you might need to 'read between the lines' you will most likely to get the right impressions.

I found it particularly useful for questions regarding the situation and/or considerations based on now. (Although I did ask about past and it was accurate). The answers are like a sharp impulse based on the current condition, which is great because it is really the present moment that is important for whatever you develop. Conditions change rapidly and your decision here & now is what really matters.
Although future predictions will likely be true if you address the situation the way you are doing now, it may also change if you change/examine your action now, too.
I did such reading for myself - and for some of the issues it was showing negative answers halfway through, but when I examined the situation and applied actions I thought were necessary, the Wheel started to give positive answers (and indeed it did follow as was predicted thereon).
It's not that you give-up your free thought and follow this tool blindly– quite the opposite, it allows you to examine the situation from a different prospective and allows you to consider your action by yourself.
I took many opportunities to try out this Wheel of Wisdom and found it amazing.
I really do recommend it to anyone, and should I have to - I would buy it again!"
[review by Ralley M.]

Review by Jackie Towers, certified counselor and editor of Mercury Magazine:
"I didn’t know what to expect from this beautifully-illustrated and colourful wheel. However, after reading the instructions and asking the wheel a direct question, the answer that came out was incredibly accurate. Just for good measure, I have asked subsequent questions – only keeping it to one at a time – and I have been pleasantly surprised at the results. It is so simple to use. Whilst asking your question, you turn thewheel a few times. Where it stops, there is a number which you then look up in the neat booklet provided with the wheel which gives you an answer. In addition, on the reverse side of the wheel, there is another set of numbers which, when looked up at the back of the booklet provided, is a message from your Angel.
This is ideal for anyone who has no reading experience or is a little afraid of tarot cards and who wants answers to specific questions. It is also something that would be great fun to have at dinner parties to entertain the guests with."
[Jackie Towers]
Review by Bonnie Cehovet, a professional divination cards reviewer:
"... I worked with some very serious questions in my life, and the responses from the oracle were outstanding! Very nice work here!..."
Read the full review at:   
Bonnie Cehovet Wheel of Wisdom Review

Review by Amy Lamash - Hudson Valley Tarot:
"...The Wheel of Wisdom is a very straight forward and serious divination tool.  It provides short and very specific answers to your inquiries..."
Read the full review at: 
Hudson Valey Tarot - Wheel of Wisdom review
Review by Mary Nale at Nale and Company:
"This is one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen for anyone who is looking for answers.  The design is for self use and gives very clear answers to your question.... This is a tool that can be used by anyone and I really like that idea!  There is nothing to learn or memorize and your answers are instant and easy to understand.
"The artwork is very pleasing with soft colors and great detail.  The wheel fits comfortably in your hands and turns smoothly...."
Read the full review at: Nale and Company Wheel of Wisdom review
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Will you get what you are asking for?
The Wheel of wisdom will give a quick & reliable answer!

VideoImage EngHere is how it works:
Click the image and watch an instructions video

A meaningful gift to people you care about:
Your spouse, relatives, best friends, and even your boss will benefit from having the wheel handy at home or in the office, for accessible guidance at all times.
It is a winning combination of elegance and functionality.

FingerFrontSlide 55 Md
How to ensure you’ll never make a wrong decision again?
The Wheel of Wisdom will tell you what you ought to know at any crucial moment:
In a simple one minute reading, with no previous experience, you will get accurate and reliable answers to your most significant questions in any areas of your life: career, money, relationships and health.

This is an excellent forecasting tool that you can use at any time.
All this wisdom is right at your fingertips!

What kind of questions can you ask the Wheel?
The wheel shall give you quick and focused answers and advice for topice from all aspects of life:
career issues, relationships issues, love, dating, financial decision-making, and more.

DestinyBook Eng
It is important to emphasize that you already have all the answers you will ever need in order to solve your problems. The Wheel of Wisdom will help you connect with your internal wisdom and retrieve the right answers when you need them.

Great reviews:
...” these are my favorite “read for yourself” tools ever...

...”This is now my primary go-to tool for divination. I always get a clear answer. I always understand how the answer fits in my situation. It’s always something I can see where and how to take action or not take action – even when I don’t like the answer. It’s freaking awesome. It’s only sold independently – no Amazon for you! – so if you get one, prepare to shell out a bit since it has to be shipped from Israel.”
See more at Diana Rajchel’s blog “My new favorite divination tools
“...I would recommend this blessed gift to anyone wanting that extra help quickly and easily right at their fingertips. Thanks Orna, you have definitely done it again.“
Read a review by Riki Frahmann atMystic Living Today

..."After using The Wheel with my client base for daily insight, we found that this tool really packs a punch.  Sometimes, it takes a little reflection to determine the message when asking a general, “what do I need to know?” question.  However, was very direct and to the point when asking specific questions...."
Review by Terri Clement on ATA-Tarot: Read the full review at:

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