Listening to the inner voice
of the soul

52 Wonders of the Soul 
the collectors’ edition
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The set contains 52 cards, created from the spectacular paintings of artist Orit Martin and instructions booklet with explanations and insights for every card.
The booklet was written in collaboration with Dr. Ada Michal Wienstein, a clinical psychotherapist specializing in psychodrama.

The set is offered to you as a collectors’ edition signed by the artist.

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Four cards sample

Greetings to a wonderful idea, the paintings are exciting and special, and now I received your cards as a gift from my dear sister, and it is truly exciting to read the interpretations, to understand the connection between spirit and matter and soul. I wish you to continue and bring more paintings and insights into our lives. thank you and good luck.
[T. Dayan]


Ada Weinstein gave us a workshop with the cards, and each one of us went through a profound spiritual-emotional process.
During the workshop, I began to imagine how many possibilities of working with the cards are available: inverted cards, meditations according to a card that we draw for ourselves, with or without the booklet, and many other options.
Orit's paintings evoke spiritual light that emerges by looking at each image.
Thank you very much for the unforgettable launch. I recommend these great cards that convey a very powerful energy.
[N. Mishook]

Listen to an an amazing story: When I was exposed to Orit Martin's page I fell in love with the paintings and purchased the painting "free thought" For myself. I got attached to the painting and it is hung in my study.
I'm currently taking a course with Sophia Peter and in the last lesson she used Orit's cards.
Guess what card came out for me? Free thought. It was amazing.
[S. Biton]

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52 Wonders of the Soulthese cards will help you connect to your higher-self, listen to the inner voice of the soul, gain new spiritual insights about yourself, and give you an exciting experience of artistic inspiration.

The cards consist of a powerful therapeutic aid, and at the same time - pleasant and inviting to the reader.

They provide an intermediary bridge for deep therapeutic work and help the soul to open, converse and touch complex personal issues.

The 52 Wonders cards are a rich toolbox for therapists of different doctrines and professional care-takers from different fields such as psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, coaches, movement therapists and more.

The cards are also suitable to work for individuals, couples, groups, parents and even teenagers who want to dive into their inner world and meet themselves.

The cards allow the soul to speak, and enable a process of reflection and emotional experience. They help to diagnose challenging circumstances, enable access to issues from the unconscious, and to solve internal conflicts in a gentle and sympathetic way.

Anyone (even without prior experience) can use these cards for the purpose of developing emotional / spiritual intelligence and dealing with hidden emotions.

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 Test the cards - get a sample reading!

Pick one card from the board, go to the BLOG and read your answer.
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The cards were published in August 2018 and were and immediately gained enthusiastic reviews:

Here are some testimonials by the cards’ users:

I warmly recommend the card set created by the gifted artist Orit Martin.
The cards provide spiritual inspiration by simply looking at them. The instruction booklet is very helpful in attaining sharp insights and messages.
As a healer, I also discovered that it is possible and fascinating to connect to the energy of a certain card. This is a valuable gift for anyone.
During a session today, I let a client draw a card, and he received a message that relates to the feminine and masculine aspects – that reminded me to diagnose his Yin-Yang balance. And indeed, he had excessive Yin energy and complete deficiency in Yang.
It is truly a great idea to include these cards in therapy among all the tools that help diagnose and provide the necessary healing.
I would like to point out that you can order from Orit any painting you like, at any desirable size.
[I. Bahat – author and healer]

The cards were received by mail, they are wonderful, dear Orit. The colors are vivid, and the energy they convey is full of beauty and joy. I intend to use them in workshops that I facilitate as well as with clients – and sometimes – a message for myself.
[S. Peter – spiritual advisor]

I received the amazing deck of cards today. I am fascinated and keep moving around them, studying them, touching them, loving them.
Thank you, Orit for your work!
[Dr. T. Yoad]

A wonderful set! A tool that teaches a lot and empowers my spiritual world that was a bit sleepy in recent time.
[T. Maor]

I bought the cards and they are amazing. Even my children, 10 and 11 tears old enjoyed talking about them. It’s not for adults only.

[A. Dagan]


Highly recommended! A truly amazing experience with the cards, profound changes and immediate insights.
[M. Chico]

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52 Wonders
of the soul

52 cards that allow the soul
to speak

2 cards sample B52 artful cards for introspection, experiential inspiration and 
spiritual insights

The cards are suitable for individual reading, for couples and groups.

About the creator of the cards:
Orit portrait Sm

Orit Martin is a creator of original Jewish art that conveys deep spiritual meaning and metaphysical ideas. She draws inspiration from Hassidic and Kabbalistic literature, Jewish meditation, spiritual consciousness and observation.

Her paintings express profound spiritual ideas and reflect the inner Jewish experience. They convey yearning for the Creator, prayer, observation of Creation, the connection between this world and the World to Come, the significance of the Hebrew letters, the rise of light sparks from matter (according to Hassidut), ascension of the soul and the unique and deep meanings of Jewish symbols.

In Jewish art, there has always been a certain concern of dealing with these issues visually and palpably, and Orit is motivated by that challenge. 

Her paintings are created as digital art, applying progressive software techniques and special filters.

Orit Martin has exhibited her artwork in solo and group shows in Israel and abroad.

She published several books containing her artwork, among them "The World After" about the experiences of people who have undergone clinical death, with association to the topic in the Jewish faith. This theme serves as a major source of inspiration in the paintings.

The original paintings are available as quality prints on canvas in signed and numbered limited editions of up to 150 copies.

Visit Orit Martin's gallery HERE

Booklet cards Eng Sm

The instructional booklet accompanying the set was written in collaboration with Dr. Ada Weinstein, a clinical psychotherapist, certified psychodrama specialist, who applies holistic approach to the spiritual, psychological and physical world of her patients.
Ada works with diverse populations and advises organizations and businesses.

Rave reviews ...

Orit Martin's wonderful cards create an unmediated connection between you and your soul, and allow it to speak to you in clear and simple language.
Orit's paintings are simply stunning - there is no other way to describe them, and inspire supreme energy around them.
When these paintings are joined by loving and inspiring messages, the light in the paintings increases even more, and contributes to each of us personally.
The number of cards in the set is 52 - a magical number in Judaism and Kabbalah.
The number 52 contains the “Shem Hameforash” (God’s name – יהוה) twice in Gematria (26x2), and four times the thirteen lights of Grace.
Pure pleasure!
[Orna Ben-Shoshan]

I wanted to thank you for your amazing cards ... the paintings are special with very strong spiritual message. I conducted a personal reading to myself and my youngest son ... the message that was received is clear in conjunction with the interpretation booklet. I believe that each buyer can benefit from the cards.
[R. Lavi]

I bought the cards, got them yesterday. Stunning! First of all, these are special cards, beautiful! You ask questions and get answers, it simply works!
Many thanks to the amazing Orit Martin and Dr. Ada Michal Weinstein for the profound interpretations.
[R. Itelman]

Thanks for the card set. They are charming and awaken the spirituality in me. A truly therapeutic spiritual - emotional journey inspired by internal wisdom and the amazing spiritual images.

[G. Dvir]


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